PICCTRA-141020PICCTRA is a joint project, in line with the MoU, signed late 2009, between the Islamic Development Bank, based in Jeddah, and AWEX, a European International Development Agency, based in Brussels. A pilot unit opened in Brussels in December 2013, at AWEX’s Headquarters

Since then, PICCTRA has been duplicated into PICCTRE, dedicated to entrepreneurship in Muslim countries.

PICCTRA is a Point of Information, Contact, Commerce and TRAining:

  • POINT: it is both, a physical space in Brussels and an online platform;
  • of INFORMATION: all type of information through physical and virtual Media;
  • CONTACT: a community of users of goods and services;
  • COMMERCE: of goods and services as well as training programs;
  • TRAINING: from the evaluation of training needs to flexible training solutions.


  • Muslim Economy is covered, starting from the economic principles of Islam (Muamalat) to go towards concrete market opportunities in Muslim countries and communities.
  • Muslim Business Culture is covered, starting from striking elements of Muslim culture to go towards practices and customs that are of usage in the Muslim business world.

PICCTRA has two components

  • A hardware component: library, coaching & training rooms, conference centre;
  • A software component: artificial intelligence software, based on a semantic approach, applied equally in English, Arabic and French.

During dialogues, both with ICD (IsDB branch for Public-Private Partnerships) as well as ITB-SBM (Bandung University’s Business School), it appeared that the PICCTRA approach could usefully be applied to the field of entrepreneurship, and more precisely in a Muslim economic environment.

A PICCTRE extension has therefore been initiated, which quickly revealed itself to be efficient and which has already caught the attention of several public and private entities in Muslim countries.

When dedicated to a specific community, PICCTRE can be turned into a virtual incubator, offering easy access to specific documentation, facilitating contacts between ‘incubators’ and ‘incubatees’, providing dedicated coaching services as well training workshops for candidates in entrepreneurship.

Currently, the two information platforms PICCTRA and PICCTRE, which are based on a new and more efficient evolution of the algorithm, can be visited through a login and password.


Individuals, NGOs, Public and Private entities are welcome to get in touch for more information on possible contributions!