hits-wideHITS is a sharing group, between members of the Halal Club Brussels concerned with contributing to the conformity of ingredients, through scientific techologies and with respect towards Halal standards.

Halal Ingredients

Pork gelatin and many other doubtful or even Haram ingredients are invading food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

With the aim to find substitutes to Haram ingredients, HITS is focusing its current efforts on seaweeds and their components such as agar-agar, alginate and carrageenan. A secure supply and a central purchasing group is the goal pursued here.

Halal Technologies

Certification controls are still rather weak: they are performed punctually and usually ex ante; they do not make sufficient use of available scientific tools.

As pioneers of Halal in Europe, Club members want to promote more stringent procedures and more scientific tools to prevent, detect and measure Haram and doubtful products both, on the production line and throughout the supply chain.

In terms of scientific process applied to Halal industry, the HITS sharing group focuses its efforts on the DNA detection techniques applied to ingredients as well as products, “from farm to fork”(food) as well as “from labs to counter” (cosmetics and pharmaceuticals).

Among DNA detection techniques, qPCR analysis particularly hold the attention of experts, due to their efficiency, speed and flexibility.

Halal Standards

Islam shines through its diversity!

No wonder that Halal regulations and certification rules quite differ from continent to continent and from country to country.

European institutions have initiated an approach in order to define European Halal norms and/or technical standards.

Halal Club plays a dynamic role in this process that should ease access to Halal products for European Muslims as well as access to foreign Halal markets for European producers of Halal goods.