HALDIS is a sharing group, between members of the Halal Club, studying systems, channels and stakeholders’ profiles specific to Halal distribution. Contracts specific to Halal industry are also being reviewed. The aim is to help members efficiently bring their Halal products on foreign markets.

Halal Distribution

The HALALDIS Sharing Group ordered to SOLIS, Parisian agency specialized in ethnic markets, a study showing that larger retailers are more and more interested in Halal. Nonetheless, Solis’ study also indicates that the nearby butcher/grocer remains the main purchasing point for Muslim consumers due to its proximity as well as the trust given to the “well-known shopkeeper “.

Halal Franchise

The Halal Club therefore initiated a reflection on commercialization vehicles, named “FRANCHALAL” and based on conventional franchise contracts, by adapting them to Muslim Economy norms.

This work should lead to a first truly ‘Sharia Compliant’ franchise contract, giving its users an important competitive advantage to the eyes of consumers, hence of the Muslim businessmen.