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Skinoo Maternity Care
Skinoo is a new, patented invention to help mothers enjoy their breastfeeding because a happy mom means a happy baby.
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Skinoo was created in 2013 by Jasmine DE WULF, mother of 4 children who wanted to make available to the market products that improve the living comfort of moms and their babies. Breastfeeding rings were invented on the basis of their own experience and were developed with the help of a medical device research center.
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Skinoos are discrete and comfortable for daily use. They act against : Maceration, The proliferation of bacteria, Chapping, The absorption oils and creams by fabrics or compresses.
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Breastfeeding is nonetheless strongly recommended by the WHO and the medical world for its many advantages for baby and mother alike for obvious medical and emotional but also economic reasons. It’s the most suitable way to feed a nursling, one that protects and invigorates the baby. Your doctor, lactation advisor or consultant will give you details on the best way to breastfeed.
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