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Alcohol free bubbles and wines
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Since 2009, date of the company's foundation, Univers Drink has positioned itself as a non-alcoholic drinks specialist throughout the world. Thanks to a unique process, each drink reveals organoleptic characteristics worthy of wines and sparkling wines, without containing even the smallest drop of alcohol! Univers Drink offers the perfect alternative for anyone not wanting to drink alcohol...or soda! Still or sparkling, pale gold or deep red, glamour or hip, non-alcoholic drinks to consume without moderation! For emotional moments or partying through the night, choose our non-alcoholic sparkling wines and wines with complex and refined flavours. Be seduced by Vendôme Mademoiselle, Night Orient, Vendanges mademoiselle or Life Addict!
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0.0% alcohol Halal certified by Jakim Only producer of non alcoholic drinks
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The four ranges of drinks with Univers Drink's very distinctive characteristics form a complete line with unique gustatory and aromatic qualities. These still and lightly sparkling wines, full of effervescence, are suitable for any time of the day and every type of event, from aperitifs between friends to simple soirées, or at family and professional receptions. The ranges also offer original and appealing drinks oriented towards the younger generation. Discover a whole new selection and trend in drinks with 0.0% alcohol to offer your friends without moderation.
Main references
Vendôme Mademoiselle, a new range with a glamorous, timeless and refined style. It's a drink with seductive powers, still or sparkling, and naturally alcohol free. With their gold or rosé bubbles, fine and light, these Classic and Rosé sparkling wines create a beautiful effervescence in the mouth and delight the taste buds. The perfect accompaniment for exclusive moments, they illuminate parties and put a twinkle in the eye. The three varieties of wine in the range have been made using quality grapes selected artfully and with passion from Spanish (La Mancha) and Italian vineyards. Upon tasting, characteristic notes reveal themselves to the nose and in the mouth: red berry aromas and woody notes for the Merlot and Rosé, lemon aromas and more mineral notes for the Chardonnay. Night Orient is a range of drinks reserved for relaxation and friendship. It releases the flavour of rest and relaxation, setting the perfect rhythm for finding yourself and enjoying the festivities. A symbol of celebration, bubbles are the soul of sparkling wine. Lively, elegant, fine, intense, they bring life and enjoyment. They fill your life's festive moments with effervescence. On fruity notes, the Merlot, Chardonnay and Rosé will accompany encounters and meals between friends and family with simplicity and elegance. The Red Grape and White Grape, refreshing drinks with subtle grape flavours, will be appreciated on any occasion. It is a range of drinks that can be enjoyed in every moment where time stands still. Don't hesitate, be seduced. Consume without moderation! Vendanges mademoiselle is a sparkling and refreshing drink made form red or white grapes. It is delicately fruity on the first taste. It conjures up images of the grape harvest under the sun and warmth of the south. The harvests have the real taste of grape, embellished with bubbles! A lightly sweetened drink, accessible to everyone, and at any time of the day. Their elegant bottles and highly distinctive labels give them pride of place on any table. These drinks are a delightful alternative to fizzy drinks. Serve well chilled. Life Addict is a sparkling drink made from grapes. It has been created for a young, teenage audience who enjoy life's simple pleasures and health. A refreshing synonym of well-being, in life in general, and in appearance in particular. Its trendy style evokes something of the freedom to move and express yourself. A completely different sparkling drink that's on trend with the style of the time and bears the codes of urban culture: street wear, street drink. Its colourful packaging incites celebration and is bursting with joy. A delicious drink with no health hazards and that will seduce young people while reassuring parents.
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