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Edition of books and digital media for academic, legal and professional. Development of advanced tools for electronic document management.
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From nursery school to university, Group de Boeck is the publisher of reference books in the field of education and training in French-speaking countries, particularly in French-speaking Belgium. For more than 170 years, Groupe de Boeck, under its various publishing names: De Boeck Éducation (school), De Boeck Supérieur (university, all disciplines), Estem (medical), Larcier (legal) and Bruylant (legal), has provided training and information for pupils, teachers and professionals. Today, it is facing new digital challenges with the development of companion sites, digital platforms and scientific and legal databases.
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Our products bring high added pedagogical value to the teaching and training of students. They are leading-edge publications in the legal and professional field.
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Groupe de Boeck has a massive catalogue of over 5000 titles covering all fields of knowledge both in French and Dutch, and in English. It publishes for nursery, primary and secondary schools: De Boeck Education and Uitgeverij De Boeck. It publishes in all subject disciplines for higher and university level: De Boeck Supérieur, ESTEM. Its legal publications are the oldest in Belgium, known under the labels Bruylant and Larcier. Its products are distributed worldwide by its subsidiaries De Boeck Services sprl and De Boeck Diffusion sa.
Main references
In school education: Le Grand Atlas, Atlas De Boeck and Eurêka. In pedagogy, publisher of Xavier Roegiers, instigator of teaching reforms throughout Africa In science, translator of large American manuals of chemistry, biological, physics and medicine and publisher of Christian de Duve, Nobel prize-winner for medicine. In economics, publisher of the Nobel prize-winners Stiglitx, Krugman & Ostrom. In law, publisher of the Larcier Codes, Belgian Codes, Notarial Register, Practical Register of Belgian Law and the following journals: Journal des Tribunaux, Journal de Droit Européen, Pasicrisie and Journal des Tribunaux Luxembourg.
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