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Food ingredients
Development, mixing and packaging of aromatic and functional food ingredients
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FIT develops, mixes and packages functional and aromatic ingredients for the food industry. Its wide range of products is intended for the producers of cooked meat and ready meals but also of biscuits, cakes and ice creams. Fit distributes those products for more than 10 years in the Benelux, in France, in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak republic.
Value Added
FIT develops its products by following the strictest quality and hygiene rules. The IFS certification attests of our will to offer safety and efficiency to our customers. We are able to pack from 100 gr till 25 kg in a wide range of packaging. We have acquired a large knowledge in the composition of aroma and of functional proteins in particular with beef collagen proteins.
Product range - Services / Brands / Markets
Freshness auxiliaries (FRESHFIT); Injection auxiliaries for meat products; Maturation auxiliaries for meat products; Animal proteins; Texturizers, stabilizers for meat products, pastry products and ice creams; Spices mixes; Sweet and salted natural aromas
Main references
Our job relies on discretion. We do not wish to reveal our references. For information we deliver some companies in the top 5 in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.
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David Landau
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+32 68 250 230