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Chocolate and confectionery
Manufacturer of pralines/fair trade and organic chocolate
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The Belvas chocolate factory was created in 1985. The company specialises in traditional methods, using natural products and high-quality raw materials such as butter, cream and even vanilla. When starting out, Belvas's main clients were bakers and numerous companies -- especially French ones given the geographical location of the company situated at Tournai. In 2005, Thierry Noesen took control of the company. This entrepreneur, armed with convictions in sustainable development, developed Organic fair-trade products while maintaining the high quality of the original product. Today, Belvas exports to the USA and Germany among others. This product development has been recognised on several occasions. In the space of 3 years Belvas won "" Best New Food Product "" (2006), "" Superior Taste Award "" (2007) and finally "" Quality Food Awards "" (2008). Offer: Belvas basically offers 4 product ranges. The first, called "" La route des origines "" offers 4 different pralines. Each made with products of very specific origin. The second is known as "" La collection raphias "". Each little Madagascar raffia sachet contains either a heart filled with caramel or a type of truffle or even a moulded praline with the Belvas logo. A few months ago Belvas developed its range of "" Manons "".
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Concerned about the quality of its chocolates, Belvas show their desire to constantly improve their ingredients for the most unique and authentic flavours. With this in mind and following an intense collaboration with the University of Gembloux, Belvas went ""organic"" . With a view to ever greater quality, Belvas has used the expertise of artisans from the four corners of the world to create its pralines. Cocoa beans from Ecuador, Santo Domingo, sugar cane from Paraguay, a mixture of culture and flavours that promotes collaboration between North and South. There are two reasons behind this desire to return to simple values. The first is a desire to return to the traditional authentic flavour of chocolates, and the second is to ensure the respect of the quality of the labour. They are very particular about using 100% natural products and to practice fair-trade commerce so that the cocoa farmers and artisans who manufacture the packaging are paid an honest price.
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Belvas is specialized in pralines and truffles, organic and fair-trade. Belvas exports to the United States, Germany, France, Denmark, Japan, England,…
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Delhaize, Oxfam, Alnatura.
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British Retail Consortium (BRC), BIO – CERTYSIS BE-BIO- 01, NOP, MAX HAVELAAR, EMAS.
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Thierry Noesen
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