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Bakery, cakes and biscuit
Waffles and Biscuits
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AVIETA is a producer of Liège waffles and cinnamon biscuit since 1937. For Avieta, it all started in 1974, with the creation of the company "" Les Vergers du Vieux TAUVE "". Initially based on the trade of cherries and other fruits, activities diversified in particular towards the production of fruit-filled waffles. Waffles became more and more important and the emergence of the Belgian waffle in the range is crowned with success. Growth was on the agenda and the company was renamed AVIETA. The company has not stopped growing and is anxious to transpose its success onto other products. In 1999, Avieta bought a Liege waffle and biscuit production factory. This acquisition was an additional step towards the construction of a real industrial group whose quality in terms of products is unanimously recognised.
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AVIETA is recognised for its expertise and consistent quality. Its extensive range of fresh and frozen products (sweetened waffles, unsweetened waffles, Speculoos, fruit waffles, Belgian waffles, mini waffles…) and its flexibility in terms of packaging are both among the most valued assets as these make it possible to meet the various specific needs of its clients. AVIETA owns a unique know-how combining traditional Belgian recipes, innovative manufacturing processes and superior quality ingredients. The company, thanks to its international recognition, is active on a global scale and works just as much under the national brand as under private labels. Markets: Waffles manufactured by AVIETA are now not only enjoyed in Europe, but also in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan...
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In Belgium and beyond, AVIETA has established itself as a world leader in Belgian and Liege waffles. But these waffles, which are the flagship of the company, are not the only jewels in AVIETA's crown. The range of products includes: waffles, Speculoos, coulis, pearl sugar mini waffles, unsweetened waffles, fruit-filled waffles, mini-filled crepes, pastries and chocolate-coated rice galettes.
Main references
McCain, Carrefour, Domino’s Pizza, KFC, TGI Friday’s, Costco, Tesco, Julian’s Recipe, Makro, Metro, Delhaize, Colruyt, Albert Heijn… AVIETA also sells just as much to volume retailers as to national-brand and private label caterers.
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Hervé Bataille
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