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Frozen products : Custom creations, Finished products (sweet and savoury verrines), Professional pockets
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Croc’In is a Belgian family business established in 1993.Successfully combining great craftsmanship and the latest innovations in agri-food, Croc’In specialises in the manufacture of upmarket savoury and sweet food cases.This taste for excellence, praised by the food professionals, has enabled Croc’In to be rewarded time and again for the quality and originality of its innovations throughout the world.Croc’In, recognised worldwide by great chefs, exports most of its products to the five continents through haute-cuisine distributors.
Value Added
Croc’In is the mark of flavour and quality and constantly listens to market needs. We offer a full range of products that take into account the changing requirements of our clientele. Our R&D Department is constantly striving to develop new products.Thanks to an exclusive technical process, Croc’In guarantees humidity resistance which is unrivalled within the market. Our special modified-atmosphere packaging increases the product’s shelf life while preserving its original flavour and minimising the risks of damage during transport.Croc’In has also developed individual packs to meet the requirements of the various distribution channels.Croc’In stands out for the quality of its upmarket products, its customer relations and its reliability. Its constant quest for development, improvement and conservation of raw materials make Croc’In the ideal partner for any food-lover.
Product range - Services / Brands / Markets
Croc’In benefits from vast experience and offers a wide range of traditional pie bases in different shapes and flavours with a savoury range, a sweet range and a nougat range.
Main references
Our main lines are:plain tall cases and coloured tall cases made of beetroot, spinach, curcuma and vegetable carbon powder (without colouring).
We are certified by:
IFS, BRC higher level and SAC
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Arnoud Bonnel
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+32 56 48 76 76
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